Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jubilee celebrations!

This week the Queen is celebrating her diamond jubilee

There is an official Diamond Jubilee website.
This lists news, events. It has a games and learning section with timelines and quizzes.
The official Monarchy website also has more detailed information about the life and financial affairs of the queen and the royal household.
DirectGov has a list of news and information on celebrations.
The Government has written an impact assessment of the costs and benefits to the economy of the extra bank holiday.
The Royal Commonwealth Society has created an online Jubilee Time capsule.  members of the public are sharing their memories of a special day during the queen’s reign and uploading images, film and other oral history memories.
Face Britain from the the Prince's Foundation for Children & the Arts for children
is creating an online site where children can create self-portraits. See details about the project and the gallery!
History Pin – has a special section called pinning the Queen’s history  where members of the public can pin their photos. videos and other memories of the Queen. There is also a section for overseas visits.

BBC news coverage.
Includes archive TV footage  of the accession.
Telegraph newspaper – lots of coverage of the Queens hats!
Hello Magazine special – again lots of glossy pictures of royal celebrities!
Time Magazine has 86 surprising facts.

Some special interest groups have also created commemorative pages
Church of England.
Woodland Trust.
Scouts – see what activities they think are appropriate.
Big Lunch charity events.
Banksy street art.images

Some councils have created social media sites where citizens can post videos, events listings and images. See this one being deeveloped in Lancashire
Radiowaves has a childrens social media site.

But how popular is the queen?

Ipso Mori has polls which track  trends of monarchy support and/or popularity.
According to Will Self -  we should not stand up for the loyal toast.

Republic organizes opposition- use  its website to find records of activities and many articles supporting republicanism.

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