Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Government reports 7-11th March 2011

Cabinet Manual Lords Constitution Committee report HL 107.

Police Use of Tasers HC 646 Home Affairs select committee.

Strengthening Women’s Voices in Government: Publication of consultation - Written ministerial statement by Lynne Featherstone

England's Smaller Seaside Towns: A benchmarking study- presents a range of statistical evidence on socio-economic conditions and compares the figures with regional, rural and English averages and with the averages for larger seaside towns

Broadband Delivery UK Project- This guidance document explains the nature and purpose of the broadband delivery UK project Department for Communities and Local Government

Call to End Violence Against Women and Girls: Action plan - Home Office strategy.

Equality and Human Rights Commission resource for International womens day

Employment Retention and Advancement Demonstration: Delivery, take-up, and outcomes of in-work training support for lone parents

Non-participation in the Employment Retention and Advancement Study: Implications for the experimental fourth-year impact estimates

2nd Report - Improving the effectiveness of parliamentary scrutiny:(a) Select committee amendments; (b) Explanatory statements on amendments; (c) Written parliamentary questions Procedure committee. HC 800

Healthy Lives, Healthy People: A tobacco control plan for England Department for health

Impact of Smokefree Legislation: Evidence review - March 2011

A Joined-up Sentence: Offender management in prisons 2009-10 Ministry of Justice.

25th Report - Reducing errors in the benefits system Public Accounts report. HC 6668

7th Report - Smaller Government: What do Ministers do? Public Administration report.HC 530

Tax reliefs review - office of Tax simplification.

Independent Public Service Pensions Commission: Final report

Statutory Homelessness: Fourth quarter 2010 - England

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