Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Government publications 22nd-26th November 2010

Children and Young People in Custody: 2009-10 Ministry of Justice statistics.

Mixed Communities: Evidence review- Department for Communities and Local Government

Evaluation of the Mixed Communities Initiative: Demonstration projects - Final
CABE: Supermarket-led development: Asset or liability? Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment

Estimating Housing Need- This research assesses and forecasts housing need in England. It looks at a range of housing outcomes including overcrowding, homelessness and unsuitable accommodation.

The Annual Report of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education, Children's Services and Skills 2009-10

Local Delivery of Joined-up Services for Older People- Department for Work and Pensions

Measuring Attitudes to Age in Britain: Reliability and validity of the indicators- Department for Work and Pensions

Young People's Civic Attitudes and Practices: England's outcomes from the IEA International Civic and Citizenship Education Study- Department for Education

Citizenship Education in England 2001-2010: Young people's practices and prospects for the future -The eighth and final report from the Citizenship Education Longitudinal Study

Experiences of Implementing Personal Health Budgets: Second interim report- Department of Health

Review of the Renewable Fuels Agency- Department for Transport

An Evaluation of the January 2009 Arrangements for Support for Mortgage Interest Department for Work and Pensions

Geography of Housing Market Areas: Final report and summary

Not in Employment, Education or Training statistics - Quarterly Brief - Quarter three 2010

Importance of Teaching: The Schools White Paper 2010

The Case for Change: The importance of teaching - The Schools White Paper 2010

Omand Review: Independent serious further offence review - The case of Jon Venables

Environment Agency: Greener business report

Working Better: Childcare matters - Improving choices and chances for parents and children- Equality and Human Rights Commission

Equality and Human Rights Commission: Childcare - A review of what parents want

Home Office: Violence against women and girls- Strategy document

What Works Re-engaging Young People Who Are Not in Education, Employment or Training? Summary of evidence from the Activity Agreement Pilots and the Entry to Learning Pilots

Supporting Lone Parents' Journey Off Benefits and Into Work: A qualitative evaluation of the role of In Work Credit

Lone Parent Obligations: Destinations of lone parents after income support eligibility ends

Can Altering the Structure of Financial Support Payments Aid Work Retention Amongst Lone Parents? Qualitative evaluation of the In Work Retention Pilot

Using the New Family Resources Survey Question Block to Measure Material Deprivation Among Pensioners- Department for Work and Pensions

Centre for Understanding Behaviour Change: Organisational change management - A rapid literature review- Department for Education

Museums, Libraries and Archives Council: Digital audiences: engagement with arts and culture online

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